A man's tongue is a glib and twisty thing...

Plenty of words there are, all kinds at its command—

With all the room in the world for talk to range and stray.

And the sort you use is just the sort you'll hear.


—Aeneas (via Homer via Fagles), The Iliad, Book 20



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Céad míle fáilte. I created this site to host some of my projects, to share some of the work I do, and to be a laboratory where I can try new things.

Personal Goals

♦ keep learning
♦ improve public understanding of human–environmental interaction
♦ work for safe communities and healthy environments
♦ be near or on the water


Web design and coding

Site design and art by M. Craghan.

I taught myself HTML when I was teaching a university course in 1995. I have tried to keep up. This entire web site is hand coded with Notepad++ simply for the interesting challenge of doing it.

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The original source for the background image on some of these webpages is,

small image of the Library of Congress map of Railroads in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland; drawn and engraved for Doggett's Railroad Guide & Gazetteer.

"Railroads in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland; drawn and engraved for Doggett's Railroad Guide & Gazetteer" (1848), at the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division.



You can reach me directly via Linked In, indirectly by e-mail using "contact" at this domain, and I am not too hard to find otherwise.

Be lucky!
Michael Craghan


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Coastal Projects

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Climate Ready Estuaries exiting the site indicator at U.S. EPA (2010+)

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Manasquan Beach time series photography (1997–2010; May 2013 photos online soon!)



full publication list


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King Tides and Sea Level Rise exiting the site indicator for U.S. EPA (2013-06-04)

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King Tides exiting the site indicator for U.S. State Dept. (2012-09-19)

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Part II, Chapter 6: Shore Protection and Retreat exiting the site indicator with Jim Titus (2009)

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Physical Geography: A Self Teaching Guide exiting the site indicator from John Wiley & Sons (© 2003)


Professional Geography

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Cartography (published and unpublished)

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Teaching (1995–2009)


Diversions, Pastimes, Recreation

THIS IS WHERE to find interesting things that appeal to me. Look here for experiments, things that are a little fun, some gunkholing, records of adventures, and a little glim.

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♣ Photography
♣ Small boats
♣ Photo essays
... and more

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Friends and Family

Zarina Security Systems International exiting the site indicator — "the latest cutting edge vehicle security devices"